Thursday, April 1, 2010

5xSW: Fifth Street Cypher

Heres some more pics from SxSW week...5xSW. On the friday of sxsw we hosted at the FIFTH GALLERY , the 5th Street Cypher. This was much like our popular ONE TAKE mixtape series in that we had DJ QUICKIE MART from New Orleans spinning beats and such as a plethora of MC's grabbed mic and freestyled something crazy.
For this particular session Austin phenom ZEALE handled and MC'd the session alongside PHRANCHYZE , Japanese Jesus, Dubb Sicks, and Detroit's freestyle heroes MARV WON, and RO SPIT.
A wide range of other MC's al;so touched mic, however, my memory is lacking. Good thing that OFFSHOOT MEDIA was in the house to film the historic coming soon...heres some flicks.

ZEALE doing the thing

5th Street Cypher was the place to be

Japanese Jesus and lyrics.

MONICA BLAIR from Detroit was hot fiyah on the mic....cant remember the lame.

Phranchyze dropping heat from off the top of the dome


Japanese Jesus

After the freestyle session, we chilled the tempo at the gallery with Norway's ARTS THE BEAT DOCTOR from the label BEats Broke. Real chill down tempo live production..this dude was ill!! much we invited him back to play an art opening the next soon on that.

Arts the Beat Doctor

After Arts' session we mosied onto red fez where we caught the homie DAYTA from Nana Chill spinning a purty sick set....heres one pic of it.

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