Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shadow Paradigm Office..our latest murals

Heres some pictures from inside the Shadow Paradigm office...We helped to paint and imagine this space. The Austin office is home to the management,creative services, and networking of some of Austin's favorite musicians.

The murals showcase emcee Phranchyze, bluesman Gary Clark Jr. , and rock band Hour Band, and soon will feature images for electronic musicians Chopigula.

The space is a community all in its own.
We were happy to work on this project with some of our best friends including artist Rick Osborne as well as the make it happen dude, Kris Krishna.

Everybody in all of these bands as well as friends helped to see this project from start to finish. This space was worked with new flooring, new paint from top to bottom and well pretty much had the input of everyone involved.

Be warned- SHADOW PARADIGM is taking over.