Sunday, September 7, 2008

Birth and Death

We started the day out by working more on the gallery, we are purty much done and are just putting final touches on the trim and such.

Lucas, of Thic Threads, who is heading the gallery project and myself took a trip to The Compound where SLOKE stayed. In the Austin graffiti community , this is it. Sloke is in my eyes one of the coolest cats to grace this mother earth, and he always had wall space for graf writers coming up and those touring nationally. The compound is an old funeral home, that has seen paint from Texas legends, as well as pieces by David Choe, Saber, Trust Your Struggle, Supher, Sloke, MEZ, Spain, Futura and a trillion other writers have left their mark at one point or another.
Sadly we walked through the spot which I've heard is being demolished soon..probably to be built into another tract of soulless condos.Nothing good lasts forever i suppose. May the ghosts of the compound help to make whatever is built there just a lil cooler.
heres some flicks.


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