Friday, September 19, 2008

Hip Hop Hooray - Corpus Christi

Here's some pics from Hip Hop Hooray in Corpus Christi put on by Public Zoo and Jack Ash's.
Austin's own Dubb Sicks, Phranchyze 1, and Smoke Jumpers performed along with local acts such as Wasted Talent and DJ Ghost of Scratch Robots. Big beers were had, we rocked a live ass painting with the one and only Mr. Slick, had late night whataburger, 2 mid day taqueria visits and then made our way back to the ATX for the Redman show later that night.

Big Ups to all the old school mofoz showing love Mike, Faith, Danny, Alisa, maaan friends ran deep that night.good times.

Mr Slick was born with his middle fingers up

Mr Slick/Mofoz collabo- live piece


Dubb Sicks ..he's soooo grrrimy ugggghhhh

Old School Mofoz representing

Dubb Sicks promoting Mind In The Gutter CD

DJ Ghost of Scrath Robots

The Party Brigade

Phranchyze 1 promoting his latest mixtape, FLOWMASTERS vol 2 mixed by Rapid Ric

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