Sunday, October 12, 2008

CHALK IT UP in San Antonio

We were in San Antonio this past weekend and ended up at the Chalk it Up event taking place on downtown Houston Street. We were invited by our friend and overall awesome artist, David Vega, who was a featured artist.
It was a cool event in that many recognized artists were invited to do chalk murals in their style of work. The event also featured many art organizations such as high school clubs, and various other art clubs. The coolest thing , however, was that they offered about a block or more of ground as a freestyle spot, so that anyone could pickup some chalk and get down--kids were getting down, parents, grandparents, graf artists, fine artists, and just about everyone had a fair amount of chalk all ober their face, clothes, and well pretty much everywhere.
Food smelled awesome- we were cashed out so we were only teased by the aroma....anyways, heres some flicks.

This was a cool painted chalk piece

This was actually not in the partitioned realm of the event, but rather on the street next to the event-friggin cool.

Art by Wendi Kimura

This was a cool piece, never saw the finished product though.

David Vega and Awk chalking it up!

Airica and Jade 1

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