Monday, December 29, 2008

MOFOZ VISUALZ at H-Town Sneaker Summit Houston

We went to Houston Saturday Night to get there a day early for our setup Sunday at The Meridian.-Our first stop was to TSE Motorsports , our boy Mik 1's Scion autobody and overall pimp your ride type of shop. I painted a sign, as well as shared some stories, and discovered the 50 piece McNugget meal that was right on time..somewhere around 4:21  at like 11:00 or so..anywho-we dashed out after a while to party with some of our folk who had a mad bash that had a full blown out house party rocking to Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and some karaoke ish till at least 8 in the AM....Houston's pics of the shenanigans, but heres some flicks from H-Town Sneaker Summit.


These shirts are "Equalizer Shirts" -they light up with a beat or music playing--they were pretty cool--im looking more into these--great for DJ's.
Skate Demo by A-Front Skate shop
Three Sunz been repping for the H for a long time
Mofoz Visualz

True Head

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