Thursday, December 11, 2008

SNOW in Austin

These pictures are fromlast saturday when Axe body spray through a party and had some faux snow brought in...(not the real deal snow like my previous post).

Anyways, great music was had by Austin band Hour Band, Phranchyze and Zeale and more. There was free beer and free food, and it was a free show, so it was pretty cool, I was even impressed by my own agility to avoid snowballs as I snapped some flicks and talked to the homies. good times.

Mosha of Hour Band

Barock of Hour Band

Barock of Hour Band

Electric Touch and Chopigula in the house

Karthic of Hour Band

Kid Slyce on the wheels of steel

Zeale 32

Phranchyze 1

Phranchyze 1

Phranchyze and Zeale

Saw this on the way out

Phranchyze getting live

Zeale, Theoreum, and Phranchyze chopping it up

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