Sunday, January 25, 2009

KRS 1 show @ Mohawk

Alright heres some pics from the KRS 1 show  at Mohawk Sat. night. You may notice no pics of KRS-1 , well, the crowd was thick and wasnt really feeling like the battle- plus we needed to pack up merch and head back to the Gallery where the 2nd day of the Probable Kause art show was going on.
The show was pretty cool, cold, really cold- but we did catch the hometown heroes Dubb Sicks, Crew 54, and Zeale hit stage, as well as Mic Skills from Houston. KRS's set was cool, kept everyone hype, until he talked about how there a the "new world order had a black face", this and many Alex Jones shout outs had some of the crowd riled, but whatever-its KRS-1, and he's been saying whats on his mind for a long time-the fact that people were spilling out the place to see him proves that it probably won't stop. Anyways, it was cool, but got a lil preachy like we knew it would, so we dipped out to THE FIFTH GALLERY to see what was popping.
ZEALE doing what he does- killing shows

Zeale with his the Mofoz Visualz designed , Rapid Ric Mixed, Zeale mixtape "Haterz and Robotz"

Bavu Blakes hosted the event and talked on some proper promotion...this was proper.
Crew 54 killing it--these guys always rock the stage hard..sound was banging

Dubb Sicks performing his song "Get Fucked Up National Anthem" , this dude is raw

so after that we dipped to the
Probable Cause Art show @ The Fifth Gallery: Day 2

heres some pics.

Indio 1 spit some nice freestyles while DJ's Boozwa and Soulbomber kept the beat going. Check out his music studio within Blindside Tattoos on S.1st
Zeale 32 came fresh from the stage of the KRS 1 show to freestyle the sickness. He just dropped an amazing mixtape mixed by Rapid Ric. check out Zeale's site at
El Uno Nueve showcasing artwork

DJ Boozwa manning the 1's and 2's
Blayne of CHOPIGULA and Kris Krishna
Cute couple
Steven of Southern Draw and resident artist Lucas -peep the embroidery that Lucas did on that sweatshirt--unreal.

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