Friday, January 16, 2009

Biggest, Baddest, Mofoz

$17 plus shipping
We'd been wanting to do a Last Dragon themed shirt for a while now, and finally just did it.The movie was awesome, I still remeber the first time I saw it at my Grandpa's on HBO, I was soo stoked, kung Fu and DeBarge what a combo. haha, anyways-

These tees we debuted at the H-Town Sneaker Summit a few weeks ago, and were pretty popular. we did a short run of 40, so about half our stock is gone already..or something like that...we only have one XXL left.

We also have these at THE FIFTH gallery for sale along with our other designs.

We have S, M, L, XL, XXL at this point--please specify the size you would like on your order.
Mofoz Visualz Shonuff "Biggest Baddest Mofoz Low Down Around This Town" Tees

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