Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

The Mofoz Visualz crew is headed to Vegas for the last day of the Magic tradeshow, we are going to check out Pool and Project as well, if only for a moment to see whats good.

Anyways-the last time we were at Magic we represented for Phantazm who held a pretty cool booth with a cool ninja. heres a link to pictures and a review from our website (more on that later) R.I.P the Ninja Courtney

So anyways-this time we are going as buyers, which is a lot less work im sure..we are buying a few brands for THE FIFTH gallery as we ready it for SXSW...which will rule harder than most hard ruled SXSW's., however we also wanted to represent our brand as we head out and meet fellow designers and brands, so we put together a few promo packages that were designed to be completely throwawayable, due to most peoples problem with packing tight we plan to do..we also wanted them to be vibrant and there you have it, problem solved..heres some pics.

So as far as our website goes at -you may or maybe not nticed that the updates are few and far between right now, but we didnt forget about it--our site is currently being redesigned so that the overall site is more cohesive and easily maintained...we are almost there--the site will be guaranteed cooler than the average polar bear, and will have new apparel to buy as well as a lot of new art and design to check out-so stay tuned.

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