Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 2 and 3 of Stay Busy Crew's hip hop mural at Victory Grill

Stay Busy Crew's hip hop mural of The Historic Victory Grill on e.11th. Earlier this year the Trust Your Struggle Collective came through on a stop from their National Mural tour to paint the side of the grill, we were now wrapping a new paint job around the back of the building to represent the 4 elements of hip hop. The FIFTH Gallery's resident artists: Marc Zuazua of Mofoz Visualz, Eric Bustos and Lucas Negrete of Thic Threads put their heads together for this mural. Big ups to Kris Krishna for taking some pics.
These pictures are from day 2 and day 3 ...the mural is still not finished, hopefully just another day or two of work left. Day 1 had 40mph gusts of winds, so no pictures, and not a lot of work done.
Heres the before picture

Day 2 Eric Bustos getting up

Capitol city
Jade 1 holding it down, she usually helps but this time around she was just relaxing

Marc of Mofoz

End of Day 3 (see if you can find the AC unit)