Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mofoz Visualz at Barcamp during SxSWi

We were invited to join and set up at Barcamp this year...knowing almost not fully at all what it was/is. Luckily for us it was just neighboring our art gallery, so we were able to hold down the gallery and a booth at Barcamp all day.
Barcamp was essentially an unconference for attendees or unattendess of sxswi. Anyone that wanted to give a short seminar/speech/whatever could sign up to speak on any topics ranging from marketing, web design, or even day to day business strategies. I enjoyed a few seminars, one especially from the founders of www.bacon.com
I was hard at work trying to finish some new customs for Phranchyze , as he neeeeded them for the music portion of sxsw- so it was a great opportunity to showcase sneaker customizing as well as promote the FIFTH and Mofoz Visualz. This was our first set up of the long SXSW week.

These guys were doing live silk screening
DJ Rockwell was holding down the fort at THE FIFTH with some choice cuts
Marc of Mofoz Visualz
Lucas of Thic Threadz and a b-boy
Painting some big AF 1's at Barcamp
Vasquez crew in the house
John Gomi and DJ Rockwell making some tunes

Foreign Family and MadGods now in Stock at THE FIFTH

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