Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life in Austin. new camera lens.

Blog for the photographers out there..(aspiring or where you wanna be level)

Heres some shots from our new camera lens. The lens is a Canon 50mm f 1.8 with AF. We shot using the Canon Rebel XSI

The cool thing about this lens is that the subjects are so sharp and with such a low f stop, the colors and action are vivid. We got this lens on the low on Craigs List, but they are new around $120 or so...
Great price for good quality images, The housing is light and cheap, as I'd read it would be, but the image quality shines through.
Anyways we are looking forward to using this lens for concert shots, as well as some upcoming ads for our new line of tees which will release online soon.

Heres a few shots from the weekend.
John Gomi open jamming at THE FIFTH GALLERY

Joel Irdbisa at THE FIFTH
This shot was taken with no flash..i like.
The homie Gabriel came through and spit some hot lyrics

the always dapper Aaron (photo by Krishna)

Krishna twisting fingers
DJ Notion of MusicNMind
Shawn B chilling at the Reggaefest 

the homie Slaughter chillin at the lab
Jav chillin at the lab
Jade 1 chillin at the lab

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