Sunday, May 3, 2009

Friday Fifthing it

Pictures from this weeks past Friday at The FIFTH gallery open jam session...enjoy. We have an open jam every Friday at THE FIFTH GALLERY from 9-12--- Its pretty cool, and a lot of diverse, talented musicians have been coming through to take part--check out the gallery websit to hear the latest jam sessions.
Marker art work courtesy of pretty much everyone that comes through and wants to throw a tag on our door.
NEW gear by Madgods
Downtown ATX
the homie Josh hitting two wheel motion
Always loved how this church is surrounded by the sin of downtown
Strange Powers spitting on the mic
Joel Irdbisa conducting some next level ish

Bustos came through with some brass
This dude jammed the whole night, and sung his ass off...cant remember the name
Gabriel dropping rhymes off the dome
John Gomi and Joel Irdbisa killing it

Marc of Mofoz Visualz repping in the Lone Star State of mind
Jake providing a little percussion

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