Thursday, June 4, 2009


Heres some pictures  we shot of the Austin MPC club that met up at GRUV this past sunday. It was right down the street from the gallery so I made that trek to see what Dirk Diggla and the other beat junkies were up to.

The MPC club meets up and invites producers and mpc and sampler users to get together and jam out with each other. This is especially cool because I've noticed, with the exception of a few notable musicians like Tee Double and Dirk who are no strangers to the Austin hip hop world, that there are a lot of talented in-the-closet producers who I probably otherwise would never have a chance to hear if not within the confines of an event like the MPC club.

Anyways-enjoy the pics and the previous super run-on run-on 3rd grade teachers would be proud.
Tee Double and Dirk Diggla making heaters

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