Monday, June 22, 2009

B-Real of Cypress Hill and Bizzy Bone in the ATX

We checked out the  B-Real/Bizzy Bone show at the MOHAWK last week brought to you by Proper Entertainment. Cool show.

After a night of friends and BBQ celebration for Airica's b-day we headed downtown ATX  to check out the show. Unfortunately the homies Zeale and Phranchyze had already performed. Big ups to the homie Krishna for making things happen, though.

We showed up as Bizzy Bone was on stage . The crowd wasn't all that large, however, the ones that were there were spirited true fans from the looks of it. As an old school Bone Thugz-N-Harmony fan who has only seen the group perform once (sans Bizzy), we had the chance to see Bizzy (sans Bone)..and truthfully it was a lot better the other way around. Bizzy played through a vocaled back know the type that most amateurs do in smoky clubs with their whole neighborhood on stage to act hard and back the muffled non audible, im not saying the vocals were inaudible, as the Mohawk has a banging system to make sure that wouldnt happen, but it was annoying to hear back vocals at times where Bizzy either forgot his vocals or just didnt care enough to spit them..i dunno, you would have to ask him. Honestly, I wasnt looking to be impressed by his performance, but for the true Bone fan in me, I wish I had passed this chance to see him was sad.

B-Real took the reigns of the stage after Bizzy's set and killed it. The Cypress Hill frontman, did what he does-had the small crowd jumping and rapping along to classics and new song from his solo debut. Surprise guests Big Duke of Psycho Realm and Young De who shared stage with B-Real and got the crowd going. For real , B-Real's performance was what a fan should get when they pay hard earned money on a ticket. The professionalism of an act that is used to playing to festival crowds and sold out clubs showed through as the crew rocked the small crowd in attendance..anyways-enough rambling..proof is in the pictures.

Pictures can be enlarged when clicked on by Marc and Airica for Mofoz Visualz
B-Real at MOHAWK

B-Real...the real puff daddy

Airica and the homie Noah

Bizzy Bone drinking, smoking, and sometimes rapping

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