Thursday, July 16, 2009

Most Interesting Academy with Z-Trip at Falkenstein Castle

This was probably one of the most anticipated parties of the summer and it was pretty awesome...for those of us lucky enough to get inside anyways. We drove to the venue which was roughly an hour and a half away from Austin and arrived at about 7, to await a shuttle that would take us the 2 miles uphill to the castle entrance.

We were greeted by some "most interesting hostesses" which generally equate to eye candy in black dresses. They seemed overwhelmed when checking guestlists and whatnots...and this was at the start of the party when there were not huge crowds being bussed in...not a good start but -we made it through and were treated to a New Orleans style Jazz Band that were pretty entertaining.

We took a good walk around to discover many bars which made the getting of Dos XX's pretty easy, even at the height of the party , the lines were not all that long for the great free food or beverages. Everyone working the events bars were real cool despite the fact that some people get ancy and jerkish when waiting in any kind of line occurs.

We checked out kung-fu folk breaking wood and stone, a waterslide that went down a huge column, a vertical wind tunnel thingie that would suspend guests in the air like a backwards freefall and there was even a tent that was offering henna tatttoos. Inside the castle we were able to check out interesting insects/animals, tarantulas, snakes, and other reptiles. There was also insect eats for those brave enough to eat chocolate covered grasshoppers and checx mix mixed with worms...I was not one of those. Haircuts were also being offered and such, as well--it was a really cool set-up.
We heard the best stories from those that persevered all the obstacles laid down by poor transportation and logistical issues and somehow made their way in- big ups to those folk.

Z-Trip came out about 10 and killed the set- the man straight had the party jumping, and I loved a mash-up/mix of Green Day and Dead Prez. It was great listening to a DJ of this caliber just one day after listening to Afrika Bambaataa was explaining about the early days of mixing and dj'ing. Its really amazing when you think about it- how far the art of turntablism and mixing has come in such a short time. We decided it would be a good look to dip out before the end of the set to avid what was sure to be stupid traffic, so just as Z-Trip started playing some Bone Thugs-N-Harmony we walked out of the castle.

The transportation seemingly wasn't planned for an exit strategy either as we walked 2 miles down dark roads having cars honking and swerving around us as we were simply just trying to make it to the auxiliary parking least we werent the girl walking ahead of us in heels (some people just dont think)....whatever-all in all, good times.
View from the walkway leading to the castle
Great oil painting
Brick doesnt hit back
Hair cutting inside the castle

Really cool reptiles were on hand to check out and learn about
Young grasshopper
Praying Mantis

People were eating these things...gross.
This propeller created the air to suspend people into the sky -this shot was taken at like 1/125 of a second
I was testing my camera--and put it up to a 4000th of a second to make the fully spinning propeller look at a standstill....ok now im just showing off
Suspended in air
This New Orleans style marching band welcomed guests as they came in

The PA came on and told everyone to look up at a plane--they did a countdown and then two people came parachuting into the party...this was probably the best way to get in.

The homie Jaysin utterly amazed
Susanne all smiles
DJ NOTION holding it down
Rock on

Empty bottles covered the front of the stage

The visuals on the castle were pretty cool-Funny, that I have been looking into visuals on buildings for the last few days and here was some pretty cool ish

Jaysin and Susanne before we head for the 2 miles to our car

the two mile trek while dip dodging traffic

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