Tuesday, September 1, 2009

SPUN art on Records ART SHOW Opening Party

We had around 20 great artists lace vinyl records and canvas, glass, and even stainless steel to combine for the SPUN art show.
The art was amazing, and the crowd that came through was awesome! Thank you to everyone that came through and supported the artists and the gallery- you guys rock.

Other photosets can be seen by "vstheworlds" flickr account here

Heres some pictures- click to enlarge
These kids were spinning this stainless steel version of a turntable...this piece was made by John Weber who was sure to include enough moving parts on the piece to have fun with

This baby collaboed with DJ Rock Well for some amazing cuts

DJ Rock Well held the party down with some slick turntable skills...look DJ's, no serato

Artist Savlov taking photos

DJ Cauze One and SPUN artist, Niz

SPUN artist John Weber next to his sculpture

Houston artist LOGIC has this piece sold almost before the doors opened

@shihzy in the heezy

SPUN artist Marc Zuazua and Aaron (drummer of Black Rodeo)

Christie from Blunted Viewz

DJ Rock Well teaming up for a scratch session

Art by DEFORM and Marc Zuazua

Mofoz Family

The homie Josh came through

SPUN artist Homey John Gomi

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