Monday, October 5, 2009

ACL mudfest 2009

So as ACL 2009 was coming up, I had mixed feelings. I've enjoyed a few festivals in the past few years, but was really unexcited on this years line up and was not horribly bothered that I would be missing out on anything great.
The only folk that I was generally interested in seeing was Mos Def and possibly Girl Talk...but even at
Anyways as things had it, in the Austin way of things, I happened upon a ticket thanks to my bro's networking with Pearl Jam's lighting I halfheartedly prepared for the muddy descent into Zilker park late in the afternoon. It didnt take long to realize what I had gotten myself into..totally unprepared , unhydrated, and ready to get rocked.

There is something to be said for the raw sound of numerous mainlined cabinets wrestling out crunching distortion and whining highs powered by Marshall heads,... the bitter scent of the mud, sweat, and funk of three days of humid, rained on, hippy festival goers....the unsure footing of each and every step and stance...and yes even the annoying chatter of clueless out of towners.

Highlights included Eddie Vedder running off stage to slide through the muddy pit; as he had previpously promised to not leave the stage without being covered in mud. Surprise guests joining Pearl Jam included Ben Harper and Perry Farell. Dead Weather was also an amazing act that included The White Stripes' Jack White..awesome set.
Heres some pics-enjoy

Lighting for Pearl Jam was pretty off the chain
Mud Soccer seemed to be the game of the day

Victor getting ready to destroy his white kicks

Ben Harper sharing stage with Pearl Jam

Eddie Vedder

Perry Farell joining stage with Pearl Jam

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