Sunday, October 25, 2009

Clogged Caps 6 pictures

We were lucky enough to check out CLOGGED CAPS 6 in San Antonio. We rolled with DJ Wingman and after grabbing some afternoon breakfast tacos made our way South on 35 to check out the nationally ...and now internationally known graffiti festival.

Previous Clogged Caps festivals have always been successful for the community and the hip hop culture of South Texas. This year its made its way home- it took place in the hip-hoppers paradise that is the new MONTANA flagship store. Owner Mic Dagger has successfully built up his shop, THE YARD to the point where they are now a large distributor of MONTANA premium paint and such. Clogged  Caps  also Grand Opened the new shop which looked amazing. Big ups to The Yardies for holding it down.


This wall was amazing...those are all spray can tops, CABS told me it took them 2 weeks of precision work. 

THE YARD has more paint then you.
After checking the shop out and chopping it up with Cabs about the paint wall, fitted caps, and ceiling work-we stepped out to the cool San Antonio afternoon to see some of the best graffiti writers in the country...and German crew MACLAIM who were the featured artists...and for good reason.
ATX representer SLOKE wildstyling
Maclaim crew....this was just the
more Maclaim crew  getting up
These characters had such movement...impressive.
B-Girls  will B-Girls
DMISE paint job on THE YARDS cruiser

Maclaim Crew
MEZ ONE always killing it with the characters..this was unfinished

This was the piece (unfinished) done by Maclaim crew (Germany) who have the children asking the question " are calling...This Crime?" The concept was inspired by a story they heard of a Corpus Christi teenager that was given something like 3-5 years for graffiti crimes recently. thats a lot of lost time and talent. 

DJ Tech-Neek aka Lord Meems was one of the DJ's that kept the party going, other DJ's included Christian Azul and Donnie D.

SOUP clowning on them

If you stood still too long at the festival, you could of been painted on
NIZ working her stencils


Tech-Neek spinning real records...some DJ's still do that


BIG UPS to Supher, Scuba and the Prhymemates collective, The Yard and everyone who put time into this festival. It was truly inspiring and reassuring to see so many families and young heads attending the event and tuning into some real hip hop culture.

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Misa said...

Word. super tight. thanks for snapping pics of the bgirls. I loves to see it! all of it!