Sunday, November 22, 2009

EastSiding on a rainy Friday Night

Rainy Friday nights in Austin usually mean cancelled jam sessions at THE FIFTH GALLERY, and this past one was no exception. We took advantage of a night off to hit the eastside for a few great art and music events--First off we hit up Industry Printing on e.6th and Pedernales for the "Print+ Addiction" show that featured one night only print designs from Austin graffiti writers Mez One and SLOKE.  Big ups to the whole crew at Industry for a great event. 

Painting by Mez One

Painting by SLOKE
Mez One

After a few hours chilling with the homies, we rolled down the street a little bit to the INDEPENDENT where "The Cut Up" was being held- This was pretty much an open scratch session for some of Texas' best turntablists..and they had a Nintendo Wii set up on a huge projection...I rocked on the tennis. heres some flicks.
H-town's KILLA KUT 
DJ's Nick Nack and Akshun Kid of the Krackernuttz crew

sometimes DJ, Remix of

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