Tuesday, December 29, 2009

H-Town Sneaker Summit

Sunday we ventured into the H for the winter edition of the H-Town Sneaker Summit. This would be our second winter summit showing. We had a good time chopping it up with upcoming brands and past existing ones, It's always good to see so many creative DIY'ers who follow through with their art to create really cool streetwear.
In doing this-it really makes you stop and wonder why so many Texas boutiques will support the same old "hype" brands and consistently look over established artists and brands that rep their own city/state/region....its a shame because we definitely have a lot of great designers.

We are proud at THE FITH GALLERY to show and sell streetwear/urban gear from local and area designers--If you dropped by our booth you either saw or picked up really cool gear by locals including MadGods, Mofoz Visualz, 3rd ID, First and 15th, and Thic Threads. We whole heartedly want to thank all that came by to chat or buy local designs. You will bne the reason that Texas brands will keep it progressive in 2010.

Big Ups to Induce Clothing who we met at this past years KIXPO in Dallas--good dude. We were also impressed by DESIRED HEARTS, GRITS clothing, Simply Complicated Apparel, and Killa Vees Clothing

Highlights of the sneaker show included a dj set by one of our favorite DJ's, Squincy Jones as well as BUN B of UGK hanging out all day at the show taking pictures with anyone that asked him...real cool dude that Bun B; we also enjoyed seeing our homie ZEUS who was doing custom airbrushing.

However, other than that there was definitely a lot less people in attendance and a lot less going on than the last time we were there. Less art, no skateboarding demo, and no b-boy circles that I saw...oh well- we still had a good time seeing some familiar faces and meeting new ones.
Anyways--we were pretty busy at the booth to run around and take a lot of pictures, so here's some pictures from before the show opened.

Airica holding it down for THE FIFTH GALLERY
Clothing by Simply Complicated
Clothing and gear by INDUCE
GRITS CLOTHING is cooler than your average

DESIRED HEARTS showing off their new tees

cant remember the artist name, but these were awesome

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