Wednesday, January 13, 2010

NEW PAINTING : "Robot Evolution"

This piece was a collaboration between myself  and Rick Osborne. The piece was started as a live painting a few months ago during an Asher Roth/Kid Cudi afterparty....we didnt get so far on it..or rather I didn't. Rick rocked the gold robots during the show, I meanwhile have stared at the piece leaning against my wall for months...until the ARTOBOTS art show was conceived. 
With a week prior to the show, Rick visited and we spent the good part of a week finishing and putting the final touches on it just in time for the opening.
The piece is 4ft x 4ft on masonite. Media was spraypaint/inks/acrylic.
The piece is available for viewing or purchase at THE FIFTH GALLERY or on our webstore.

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