Monday, February 8, 2010

South Austin Soul Rent

South Austin Soul is Austin's newest...for lack of a better word...creative compound. The large space allows the non-profit to showcase and network artists, musicians, videographers, dancers...and well pretty much any type of creatives. The space allows for workshops, a concert venue, an art gallery, a meeting place, and studio space. The project is headed by Fifth Gallery artist, John Weber who is becoming quickly known for his Stainless Steel kinetic sculpture work.

Anyways-we helped out with their "RENT" party this past week and snapped some shots. The art was great..probably well over 20 artists were represented on many walls. Raffle prizes included a John Weber sculpture piece, Marc Zuazua Prints, original paintings and a sweet old school record player with a huge case courtesy of Far Out Furnishings.

Music was provided by many great local bands, hip hop acts, and DJ's. heres some pics. The spot is located on Manchaca and S.Lamar directly behind Far Out Furnishings.

Gotta get that rent
KB the Boo Bonic laced the microphone as she promoted her upcoming CD, SCARS ARE SEXY

Can't remember this guys name but the rockabilly was pretty damn awesome, too bad i didnt get any cool action shots of the Bassist jamming on his stand up bass.
DJ WINGMAN (The Cali Kid) and KB The Boo Bonic
Guests and patrons
Organizational Coordinator Extraordinaire , Amber Guesa
Dubb Sicks brought the gritty hip hop vibe into the show, and Im not mad at that

This guy was a singer for the rock band THE HOODRATS...real cool performance, Im glad I had a chance to see them, hopefully we can catch them again at some point.

DJ Wingman keeping the beats hot. Wingman is in Austin from San Jose, California where he heads up DJ classes as an afterschool program for high school kids.

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