Tuesday, March 30, 2010

5xSW and SXSW 2010..the first few days anyway

FINALLY SOME SXSW 2010 pics....sorry for the wait.

Here are pics from the tuesday and wed of SXSW...Tuesday , Interactive was still in town and we had a chance to met our friend from Holland, Arjan who hosted a Waffle and Belgium Beer brunch that was pretty fun as we generally were preparing for the upcoming musix sxsw that was sure to be insane. heres some flicks .
DJ TOYA BEE holding down the 1's and 2's
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Awesome kicks from a young lady from NY
Arjan and the homie DJ CHARLIE
AIRICA dodging papparazi at the coffee shop
THE FIFTH GALLERY filled to the brim early in the week
This guy had the sweetest embroidered jacket
Airica cheesin
JAZZ ONE dropped through to share the tales he knows so well

B-Boy Blitz and Toya Bee
DJ CHARLIE making the beats hot
...and we knew it was Sxsw when the MadGods tour bus started rolling....peep the GOMI cat head on the back

GOMI handling the decks while our bearbrick is safe from the Wed morning rain

K and artist Rick Osborne
Blitz tattoo

So as Wed morning approached, we were off to Sole Fresco to set up for Phranchyze's CD release of "The Black Larry Bird". The day party at the sneaker store was just what was needed to get the music portion of 5xSW started.
John, Keila, and Airica holding it down
In the back of the store, French band  BINARY AUDIO MISFITS were feeling the early day party

Melissa and Julian of Sole Fresco
People in line for a show next door were captivated enough to film some of Phranchyze's impromptu performance
This guy was feeling the jams that Rock Well was cutting to
PHRANCHYZE taking it outside
getting up with the get down
DJ Rock Well doing what he does

soooo after the 4 hour day party, we had just about an hour to kill before we needed to be at the evening party we were painting at...so we met up with some friends at the Fader Fort to catch "special guests" which turned out to be Nas and Damian Marley....not bad, not bad at all.

N-A-S, NAS at Fader Fort 2010
Nas and Damian Marley
Damian Marley was awesome...welcome to Jamrock
NAS...all he needs is one mic
More NAS
...even more NAS
...and finally a lil more Damian Marley

Awesome performance by the collaborative effort of NAs and Marley, I cant wait to hear the album they will release soon.

After that awesomeness we headed south a bit to South Austin Soul where the Hiotwire Unlimited x Studio A party was being held..this party was bonkers, however, we didnt get much shots....heres a few we did get.

Gary Clark Jr. performed some new material, and killed it. Gary will sooon be taking stage with some guitar legends in Chicago as he plays the crictically acclaimed Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival. big ups to an ATX representer.

Hour Band

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