Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TRUE. pictures!!!

Heres some pics from Friday Nights hip hop house party at South Austin Soul....twas a good night of friends, fam, and hip hop....heres proof.

Also ...Dubb Sicks rocked the mic aslo, but the camera was MIA for his set...so just imagine him rocking in the same circumstances as the following pics.

All photos courtesy of Erica Rodriguez
click on pics for larger
Traveling from the realms of San Marcos MUGGSY FLOWZ and PROMISE held down some mic duties
DJ Rock Well kept the beats going aaaaaaall night, heres him adding in some cuts for PHRANCHYZE
Phranchyze 1
CREW 54 trecked from Killeen to show why they are the hardest on the scene

Crew 54
JAYSIN of Binary Audio Misfits
MUGGSY FLOWZ of Binary Audio Misfits

Jav double X'in

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