Wednesday, May 26, 2010

exhaustive vector work for STANDARD ISSUE

One of my good friends bands is having a one night reunion show at Beauty Bar on June 4th.
These guys use to jam in our college-days rental house kitchen and played many shows in San Marcos/Austin. in doing this flier design/illustartion I originally had an old drawing in mind for a flier from the original days that was never 2003 were talkimg. I did find the drawing, but i came across a pencil sketch i did of a face that my friend (in the band) always liked and decided i'd new age it with some vectors.......welll some days later...this is what it is. please click on image to make larger....any comments welcome...this was pretty much some hard practice and a rare revisiting of old work.

see you at Beauty Bar..STANDARD ISSUE, HOUR BAND, and GALAXY will rock the stages.