Sunday, July 18, 2010


Here are some pictures of some of the work that was shown at the 5th Gallery for the BACK ON THE STREETS Art Show ...heres some Austin Made Art.Enjoy "It Aint Eazy being Green" by Marc Zuazua DEFORM Art by Lucas Negrete This is one of many sticker collaged street signs done by Lucas Negrete. Spray Cans painted by OPTION Art by OPTION Spray paint junkie , heres some Art by Lucas Negrete A sweet vintage print we just started carrying We pride ourselves in stocking ONLY regional and local brands Octopus painting is pretty OPTION robot art by DEFORM "MADE ON 5th STREET" by Marc Zuazua DEFORM Wall of art by Lucas Negrete, DEFORM and Marc Zuazua art by DEFORM Signs by Lucas Negrete "Guardian" by Marc Zuazua "TX MADE" by Marc Zuazua of Mofoz "Or Eric Wright its all the same" by Marc Zuazua Art by Option Kicks by John Weber Art by Lucas Negrete DEFORM Marc Zuazua art Signs by Lucas Negrete

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