Tuesday, August 24, 2010

MAGIC- SLATE show in Vegas....yeah....ooh yeah

So a Vegas vacation trip just happened to coincide with the MAGIC fashion tradeshow at Mandalay Bay...so we took advantage to check out the scene...this of course after a long vegas night thanks to Complex Magazine and PUMA for hosting the kick ass Puma Social party at a suite in Mandala Bay....no photos of that..and for good reason haha..anyways-We enjoyed checking out the new lines talking to other designers, and brands , as well as generally just get a break from the Vegas sun.

-heres some pictures we took at SLATE (the streetwear portion of Magic) Enjoy.
Austin brand MADGODS had a booth setup and were pretty busy, I was only there for a bout a minute and could hardly say whats up to them before another buyer would swoop in and check out their line. Big ups, as they had their first sell to Moscow I believe--big things indeed.
This dude had mad airbrush sjills--painting for Famous Stars and Straps
These Gucci kicks were laced with KickBars ...bars made of rubies, diamonds, and gold.....hmmm.Imagine how customized your kicks can be with some real jewelry on them. Cool guys these creators of these and the more affordable sneakbars.

Artust, Taylor Reeve was on hand to hand paint a bike for some booth or another.
The homies from SOLE FRESCO were also in attendance to buy new lines and gear for their 6th street Austin shop.
We were digging this tee shirt from the line NO RIVAl...cool designs.
SEVENTH LETTER crew wer also painting live, although we just saw the aftermath. heres a piece by RETNA

Ive liked FLUD watches since I first saw their Turntable watch offering, this year they now offer the boom box style..thats whats up.
NEW ERA's booth was a digital wall for artists or mostly wannabe artists to digitally spray paint choosing different spray size radius, colors, and brush types. Kinda cool.

This pic is awesome of the WORK, Dennis Rodman..its also a tee design from brand, BREEZY EXCURSION

We saw a lot more marketing booth ploys like FRANK's Chop Shop barber chair in their booth, TRIBAL's tattoo shop in booth, Some poor white tiger cub in a small crate at somebody's booth and other eye candy everywhere-but you get the gist of it.

I would have liked to take a picture of some new Marvel character fitted
New Era's that are being done by TKDK...which i believe is TokiDoki in streetwear form...but the dude holding down the booth jumped fast when I got the camera out. GTFOH ...nothings a secret..and youd be surprised by how little people care.

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