Monday, September 6, 2010

San Francisco-Art , Shops, and Rock the Bells

So...a few weeks ago we traversed to San Francisco to visit some friends as well as check out the Rock the Bells hip hop festival. In between that we had a chance to check out a little bit of the city..more importantly though, a little more art in the city.
We also had a chance to check out the unique boutiques the bay city has to offer..although the cooler ones didn't allow pictures (we are talking about you lil taxidermy jewelry artist store).
Anyways-heres some pics enjoy.

We stopped by Giant Robot which is a boutique and well as art gallery. We were lucky to catch the "HOT PINK FUZZ" Art by Snaggz, Miss Muju and Monyomonyo.

These Nauga Monsters by Miss Muju were awesome...the felt made pieces were very organic and whimsical. The detail in all the pieces were pretty intriguing, and the bright colors were very welcoming to the viewer.Awesome.

The hills of SF are pretty damn cool.

The felt cereal boxes by Snaggs were great- not only because our love for cereal but also because of the great detail along the boxes, the 3-dness of the art, as well as the fun nature of it.

I especially liked the Tooth Blast cereal whiche featured a see through box that showcased the "felt cereal".

Always check the nutrition facts

artwork by Miss Muju

Heres some good old fashioned communication

Mural work abound all over the streets of SF

Cool wheat pasted bike riders

This is where I draw the line

Panda stencils

I especially enjoyed this Gizmo Mogwai paste up

Erica picking flowers in the city

Cant remember which shop this was as we blasted through a lot of shops, but this sneaker collection were all autographed by celebrity customers.

Taking a small break at Golden Gate Park with the homie Jaysin of Binary Audio Misfits/The Word Association.

This sneaker monster was on the attack , so we left that spot quick.

Got hooked up with a Dr.Pepper from Susanne which we thought was not carried in the west coast ..turns out Waco was in the house. Thanks . 23 flavors cant be replicated by Pibb Xtra.





Big faced murals..sweet.

I loved this piece, took a shot from the car, didnt get a chance to chek it up close, but the style is amazing.

Copped a cap at TRUE which was a pretty cool sneaker boutique.

well.....then the next day we went to check out the ROCK THE BELLS hip hop pictures as they wouldnt let "professional" cameras in and we honestly didnt feel like taking pictures by then anyways. Highlights included Wu-Tang Clan killing it- the whole crew was there, and ODB's oldest son took on his pop's duties and did a fairly good job. I also enjoyed seeing a mascot-like dog during Snoop's set crip walking and overall being awesome. Brother Ali also did a great job as did Tribe called Quest who had Bustah Rhymes and Spliff Star join on stage for a surprise performance....good times.

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