Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pecan Street Festival 2010 - Hi-Tones

Pecan street Festival is a downtown Austin music and arts fest..happens maybe twice a year. It encompasses a weekend and always has really great bands, great festival food, and usually subpar artisans lined all the way down 6th street.
This year the music was amazing like always- we enjoyed grammy nominated Grupo Fantasma as well as the rock and rollers, The Hi-Tones ..who subsquently have been a big part in putting up the amazing festival for this weekend "DITCH THE FEST" (more on that tomorrow).

We actually did find a few artists that had some pretty nice work this year as well- and scored some amazing prints from Kevin Eslinger as well as a woman named ANNA (lost her contact info. Anyways-always a good time when Pecan Fest rolls around..theres not too often you can legally walk downtown drinking beers with friends.

Saw this sweet custom bike while walking to the festival

power tools + potatoes = g-double- o-d good

awesome metal art animals

Gary of the HI-TONES jammin the bass

Metal animal zoo

Erica and Jade 1

Art by Anna

picked up this print by artist Kevin Eslinger

Johny Flores of the Hi-Tones rockin and rollin

BBQ NACHOS.....heavenly

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