Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Photography: BIG BOI in Austin

Big Boi of Outkast performed at the East Side Drive In last week brought by Knuckle Rumbler and Transmission Entertainment.
The show was awesome loca;/regioanl DJ's Peligrosa started the evening with some great dance/hip hop going on and the got the night en route, after that there was a really horrible rock/rap band from Atlanta that pretty much lost all the crowds interest-dont know there name, but apparently they were co-signed by Big Boi as he had them onstage with him for one of his newest songs.

Cool though, because we used their set time to walk around the venue and chop it up with some friends and such. After that, Big Boi took the stage and crushed opening with a slew of Outkast hits and southernplayalistickcadillacmusic and such. Great show, super loud sounds that had my ears ringing even the next day...then again I was directly in front of a speaker getting these photos for you guys and gals. enjoy.

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