Monday, January 10, 2011

Brooklyn Street Art day 1

Heres some pics and such from our trip to New York last month..after a busy but awesome holiday season , I am just now getting to rummage through the pictures of street art, toys, boutiques, and food we discovered and came across.
Being that we took a lot of pics, i will be posting a days worth for every day this week..or at least the next few days anyways. enjoy.

So we got into New York on a Saturday evening, and immediately caught a cab to the apartment we had rented for the week via Austin company Home Away (awesome site to rent furnished apartments and homes instead of hotels). After settling in for maybe all of 15 minutes we trecked on a 2 mile walk through Bushwick to the Trophy Bar to catch one of our favorite DJ's Squincy Jones spin a set. Squincy is a Houston based DJ who just so happened to be rocking the spot in Brooklyn with some Down South flavor...while listening we became aquainted with the $6 beer and shot combos...which did end up haunting us a bit later....however thats neither here nor there...heres some flicks we caught on the walk.

Brooklyn is pretty awesome if you are an art lover there is street art almost literally every footyou take --andin all shapes and forms. I especially loved a piece (no pic-damn) i saw on a wooden post which was a woodcut and hand painted graffiti piece which was then nailed onto the post. I was more amazed though when taking the subways of how many heaven spots you see that are just killed..and over killed, then killed again..pretty inspiring.

So after a long night of being lost in the cold rain...but after enjoying one bomb deli sammich, we started the next day with some tortilla soup from Life Cafe then headed to Williamsburg to peep the streetwear boutique, Boundless which had some pretty nice gear along with a friendly staff and a warm refuge from the cold day. Heres a flick of a wall that interested me along the way.

After that we took the subway to Manhattan and walked around aimlessly, pretty much just taking in all the awesomness that is the fashion district...and all the whackness which was corporate holiday BS being shoved down throats..Macy's did it at least the most entertaining way though with some great engineered puppet window displays/animation/shows and this cool "Believe" lit up.

Heres a shot just looking up in the fashion district.

Then back to the crib where we were surrounded by the art of the owner of the apartment we stayed at. This particular one was made of old printers, and had extreme detail of origami figures that were about the size of a fingernail that were positioned on the "space station" was cool.

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