Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween at the Gomi's

These pics are from a halloween party at The Gomi house a few weekends ago. The decorating was purty damned cool, and we had a great time drinking on various color of juice concoctions. we learned some photography tips from the homie Rosebud, learned about Harlem Globetrotter tour life from Blitz, found out that you can forge a gladiator breastplate in 10 hours if you have a plasma cutter, wished my mustache would curl naturally, ate a lot of olives, saw the homie Jazz One for a quick second, and paraded around as John Gomi.

all in all a pretty good night.

Much love to John and April.

This cocoon spider thingie was great, I loved the way it hung from the trees and garage

DJ Boris and faux John Gomi Marc

Rosebud and Blitz in the heezy babay

Marc and Blitz

Helmet Parking only

John Gomi and Gladiator

Abril, any language cool

Blue Juice..its whats for dinner

Marc and Airica

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