Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween at THE FIFTH, Austin, TX shun

We chilled at THE FIFTH gallery on halloween night-We took some time to photograph all the paintings at the gallery and will be posting them on the FIFTH myspace later this week.
After that we kind of hung out with some friends and watched the parade of downtown halloween goers pass by. I ipod DJ'ed some old Dr Dre classics, mixed it up with some Devin the Dude, Cypress Hill and some other bangers.
Lone Star was had, queso was eaten, laughs were had, and we stumbled out at like 3am, to get a little shut eye and wake up to paint at the Oxblood Masquerade the next day.
All these flicks were taken at the gallery or right outside of...

Dia de los Dunks by Mofoz Visualz
These fookers just helped feed a sterotype...hey thanks guys.

Draaaaaaank, slow your roll --these dudes hooked us up with some samples...hmmm, we'll see

the homie Cody and friend

Wild bunch these guys

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