Monday, January 5, 2009

Austin Chronicle Music Poll -heres our votes

Click here to vote for your favorite musicians, or the ones you think are worthy of your vote...If one thing 2008 has taught us it is that VOTING can make a difference..and not to put this mid level market chronicle readers poll comparable to the Presidency, but whatever--follow me- When musicians win these things, it really does boost their worth and in short, their options, so please if you are an Austin Music fan vote for your bands because something as small as your vote can make a difference in the careers of local musicians.

If you are having trouble --heres some suggestions in different genres, and links to their websites, so at least you can jam a song or two in downtime.

Grupo Fantasma and Brownout ...pretty much the same crew but two different bands, my personal favorite is the funkier latin Brownout, but Grupo was just nominated for a grammy, so whatever your taste, they are both solid musicians that always have people dancing their asses off at their shows.

Dans La Lune - their retro-dance-pop rock is solid. These guys put there all into each of there performances I've witnessed, and are quickly becoming the band that is emerging from the buzzing retro rock scene in Austin.

Death is Not a Joyride - Every time we witness their shows we are blown away by a whimsical rock that quickly breaks into in your face rock outs. They are interesting to watch and listen to.

Southern Drama - Albeit I dont think they are doing shows anymore, they definitely made an impact with their many live shows and vaudevillian sets, multimedia projects, and awesome videos.

Hour Band  emerging on the scene and have done some great shows, these guys are getting there momentum going right now-so they are definitely a band to watch for in 2009.

Albeit there are a ton of great blues musicians in Austin , these two are my favorite personally-dont hate

Gary Clark Jr. This young musician continues to build a name for himself locally and internationally- aside from hthe great sets he often rocks at Antone's , he has also acted in various motion pictures such as in Honeydripper with Danny Glover. The guys amazing.

J.T.Coldfire You can catch JT at Nuno's with an always pumped up crowd of fans singing along and dancing. To catch JT's performance is awe inspiring--nowhere else can you see a cold musician, fast hand guitarist sing a song, chug a beer while still playing guitar solos, then proceed to use an empty beer bottle as a slide to finish the solo before ultimately belting out soulful lyrics ...all without missing a beat, Dude's cold, why he is not traveling doing major festivals is beyong me--a real crowd pleaser with really really really mad skills on the axe.

....whilst theres a ton of great Austin Dj's these are my pics
Table Manners Crew --Tats, Dirty Harry, Digg, and the new addition DJ Crown guys are stacked with talent and can hands down play the fuck out of hip hop tracks new and old, as well as hold down some serious turntablism-and  they have been holding down Saturday nights at Plush for as long as I can remember

Rapid Ric - Chamillionaires DJ, when not on tour holds down Tuesdays at Lucky Lounge wit the critically acclaimed  Boombox crew. He also spins for a radio station and still manages to get out his What it Dew mixtapes in a timely manner-He also had time to mix Phranchyze's FLOWMASTERS 2 mixtape and a slew of others.

As far as hip hop goes Nick Nack, Chicken George and others round my faves.
On the elecrtonic hipster tip sorta barish , you know what i mean.

King Louie - The man is a maniac on the wheels of steel, he can get a crowd swaying, dancing, and jumping hysterically-always a good time at his shows.

John Gomi - The Austin electronica/any genre mixing/everything sorta DJ holds down shows with a good array of uniquely awesome tracks.

These I say in the name not only of talent, but hustle--it doesnt really mean too much if you dont get up and get out with your music-heres who caught our attention

Phranchyze and Zeale 32 - these two MC's , both striong in their own right, are a force not to be fuct with when together, they slayed some MC's on their way to a freestyle World Rap Championships earlier in the year, while Phranchyze headed the Party Foul Tour with Dubb sicks and played many numerous shows including several festivals. Zeale has been busy playing with Boombox every tuesday, as well as playing with Latin group Los Bad Apples-Between that, the two will also have music and play in a major motion picture coming ou this year.erryday they are hustling. Phranchyze's album "Everybody Hates Me", and Zeale's "Haters and Robots" is coming out soon. 

heres some others, im getting tired of writing so ...

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