Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Eve at Beauty Bar pics and such

Well  another year come and gone...2008 proved to be a pretty quick and accomplished year for us at Mofoz Visualz. Although it always seemed like scrambling, we managed to produce some really quality tees, throw a few good shows, co-opened a gallery, did some of the craziest,livest art shows I've honestly seen in sometime. We definitely feel that 2009 will bring some really good times and a really good push for continuing work at THE FIFTH GALLERY.

Anyways, we ended with a bang at the Beauty Bar. We were invited by one of our favorite Austin production companies in Lucy The Poodle. Lucy the Poodle promotes through art , music,  as well as a heavy dose of theatrical feel into all of their productions. Each one of their events is themed and has a great amount of interactive appeal and comfortable party favors to really give a guest a unique time. This party had a psychadelic winter theme , and guests were showered with glitter like snow as they scribbled their resolutions with glow in the dark paints against a large blacklit tent. What we really like about their events is that each one really has a soul or feel of its own...and honestly there are no other Austin promoters, big or small, that really seem to put as much detail into all aspects of a show, in any genre

Anyways--if you have a chance to catch a Lucy the Poodle show-do it.
Great Music and great atmosphere.

heres some flicks courtesy of Airica 

Jade 1 enjoying the Party Favors from NYE
Gary of Dans La Lune
Marc and Airica
Still in progress
Austin Indie Rockers Dans La Lune

NIZ Graphics killing on the stencils

Jav holding it down

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