Wednesday, March 25, 2009

5xSW Day 1: Open Hip Hop Jam and Zeale Listening Party

We started Wednsday afternoon off real chill like...just welcoming the first wave of Music SXSW folk, and saying goodbyes to the interactive and movie SxSW goers. Cool transitioning of different demographics of folk--but lets face it the music SxSW goers are there to A.Party and B. Listen to music, anything between or after is strictly icing on the cake of the treat filled week. We had a week full of events lined up that ranged from freestyle battles to a cd release for one of Austin's premier MC's. We named it 5xSW.

We enlisted one of the best artists we know to welcome the musicians and lovers of music to 5xSW. Solomon Perry of to come through and lace our walkway with something that would turn heads just a little bit. Dudes amazing-this was done in roughly 30-45 minutes. We also carry Solomon's (PHANTAZM) hand sculpted and painted toys at the gallery now-pics of those later this week.

Chalk Art courtesy of Solomon Perry of
Open Hip Hop Jam at 5xsw
Dj Rockwell crushing for the first of 3 sets throughout the week

Phranchyze 1 - these are the first pair of our customs we saw worn for the week- i think the final tally was 4

Dubb Sicks wrecking mic

Outside Cypher with Chicago's Pugslee Atoms
Zeale wrecking mic outside THE FIFTH

So yeah, that was a lil taste of Wednsday.
We now had to rebuild the spot as a retail spot, and prepare for Phranchyze's Cd Release on Thursday.

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