Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 2 of 5xSW : Phranchyze "Errybody Hates Me" CD Release Party

Day 2 of 5xSW

So thursday we were back at it slanging tees and artwork and such...and getting ready for the Phranchyze CD release party--good times, saw and met a lot of cool folk--and the party went really well---seems we put the camera down before the crowd started rolling in, but whatever-heres some choice shots.
Phranchyze trying on his fresh pair of Mofoz custom kicks

Hour Band representing
Phranchyze feeding the TX stereotype, way to go man
The homie, "O" checking out some art
Kid Slyce on the tables
Chicago's DJ MadadaM of Dynamic Vibrations
These custom adidas we did over 3 years ago , and they still look as clean as the day we finished them
Cody partying
B-boy Blitz in the house

Phranchyze's new CD, Errybody Hates Me

Flynn D heating up the mic
Phranchyze 1 taking it to the streets
Shashamani Sound System from Berkley, CA is the truth.

Blitz, Big Chris, and Victor of Aerial Victory

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