Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our best SXSW 2009 pictures Tricky, Janelle Monae, Bun B, Phranchyze, Jadakiss

These are our favorite pictures from our SXSW..even though none of these pictures were from official SXSW events...go figure. All photography  by Marc Zuazua and Erica Rodriguez of Mofoz Visualz. You may click on any image to make larger. Enjoy.

Tricky at the Fader Fort. Show was awesome, been wanting to catch Tricky for some time now...well worth the wait.

Phranchyze 1 , Austin, TX's premier MC
Janelle Monae at the party . Janelle Monae was the buzz at SXSW 2009, and after seeing her riveting performance we definitely could see why. From her dramatic entrance to her selfless stage diving, she went through all the usual rock and roll antics;  however, it was her brilliant vocals and engaging band that really made her stand out.

Bun B at The Fader Fort. The H-Town legends performance was a surprise as he filled in for Rick Ross for some reason. We dont know why he didn't show up, nor did anyone really care. Definitely a better lineup this way-Bun Killed it....and celebrated his birthday with the audience at the Fort. UGK for Life.

Coolest shirt at The Fader Fort goes to this dude

 at The Fader Fort. Great performance, but Bun straight murdered the set, was a shame for anyone to have to follow him. I especially enjoyed the "Made You Look Remix"...classic.

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