Friday, March 27, 2009

5xSW Day 4: Big J's Cool Out Party

Day4 5xSW: Big Jand Mofoz Visualz present Cool Out

This larger than life pink bunny was a metaphor for the Stay Busy Crew this long week--we kept going, and going...and ok however, cheesy that may be-we definitely were round the clock setting up and breaking down , getting up and getting down...and this night was our last shebang for the week. So it was bittersweet.

Throughout the few days of sxsw music, myself and Airica went to like 3 or 4 shows to shoot musicians for an upcoming photo show- we saw shows by Tricky (Life altering), Janelle Monae (explosive explosive performer), Bun B (The Trillest), and Jadakiss ( top 5 dead or alive, and that was off just one LP). PICTURES ON THE NEXT BLOG

We also held down the gallery during the days with John Gomi (the homie) and Lucas Negrete throughout the days, so needless to say -we were exhausted, but Saturday's Party capped the week. Big J composed one of the sickest DJ rosters Ive heard in a while. Music ranged from down south street rap, to electro, to funk, to hip hop to....well , it was a party.
My personal favorites was the melded funk-hop put on by Big J (Clever Monkeys-Dallas) and the Down South bangers spun by Squincy Jones (Houston)...good times.

R.I.P our gallery floor will be resurrected soon even cooler than your first two versions

THE FIFTH kept going...and going...and going
Beatmaker extraordinaire Da Bosnian dropped through earlier in the day with Mimi
This dude set up shop right outside and tapped through at least 3 or 4 dj sets--dude had lil kid energy-good people. He told us he'd been tap dancing since he was 14...hes now like 26 or something and dances all day every day. Some of you's rappers could take a note of some of this real hustle.

These girls just danced in the same spot for hours..although for this picture they seem tobe standing still.
Big J of Clever Monkeys doing his thing
No sir, the audience is never wrong...well almost never
Big J's homie and Big J

SPURS CUSTOM KICKS-thats how my fam rolls

DJ Smogface great dj, cool dude
Mofoz Fam

Check out the art by John Gomi
Marc and Jason regulating on folk

Squincy Jones...bangers and nothing less

Coolest tattoo of sxsw goes to this guy
Better to be peaced off than peaced on.

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