Sunday, December 6, 2009

A long Friday night in the ATX

...started actually way before these pictures were taken..after paying tribute to the late great Pimp C with some friends at Slick Willies, we made our way down to THE FIFTH GALLERY
where we met up with more friends and proceeded to spin a Pimp C tribute music set...twas a 3 DJ mindcrusher that I wish was recorded...anyways, we closed up shop and headed quickly to catch our friends the HOUR BAND who were playing down the street at Lucky Lounge..but instead ran into an art opening at the always awesome Mexic Arte Museum where fellow Fifth Gallery Artist, Lucas Negrete had a piece on display.
I cant recall what the name of the xhibit was but most art were on 12x12 panels and $100 ..i wanna say it benefited something or another but i digress. There were also Nativity scenes on display which were real cool and made it feel all christmassy..heres some pics.

Nativity Scenes and characters made of corn husks...pretty cool ..and made me hungry for tamales.

Awesome artwork..didnt catch the names..we were kind of in a hurry

This piece was silkscreened
Art by Lucas Negrete
Keila and John soldiering through the night with us
We finally made it to Hour Band's show a little after their set, but we did catch the second set where our good friend Aaron sat in on drums and Phranchyze rapped.
Hour Band's Karthik and Phranchyze

...after that we made our way to the east side to catch Dubb SIcks; CD release party...but by then we should not have been allowed to hold an expensive camera...and didnt.... anyways it looked like the show was hot, lots of good people holding down the local scene on a cold night.


Anonymous said...

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush................

Mofoz said...

true true