Sunday, December 6, 2009


Saturday night SMIRNOFF held a party that showcased local artists and musicians as well as hip hop label- Stones Throw Founder, Peanut Butter Wolf DJ'ing a great set with what I think was some video serrato projections onto multiple screens it was puuurty cool.
Anywho--heres some pics

Folk and people from the art group MONSTERLOVE simultaneously dancing and painting on a huge canvas while local funk band FOOT PATROL jammed the night away. This is even funnier because Foot Patrols funky lyrics all surround foot fetishes and feet..anyway..yeah only in Austin.

The homie DJ JAZZ ONE was in full effect and we are looking forward to an upcoming project with him and THE FIFTH GALLERY along with some of ATX's most talented MC's in the game...more on that later.

Steel sculpture artist John Weber had many of his pieces on display at the show..which is especially awesome because we at THE FIFTH GALLERY were the first to show many of the great pieces on hand....get ya brag on...damn right.

Dancing, painting, jamming.

Foot Patrol funking it up.

This pirate ship was a new piece by John Weber

Austin feMC KB the Boo Bonic

DJ Bonus Junk keeping the beats hot even whilst cold outside

Peanut Butter Wolf repping that Stones Throw..every back-packers dream producer

Lots of photogs on hand..and why not

Jazz One on the circuit bending installation

Hula hoop

painting with the patas looked like fun...but much too cold for my taste

Prince Klassen on decks

the homie Keila


AgentRed said...

Art Seen Alliance did a bang up job building the paint'n' dance area and sourcing the venue, art, lighting and entertainment for the party.

IT's obivous I work with them by this post, and so I can safely say they WILL be back with more craziness as soon as Valentines...

Mofoz said...

haha just saw this comment---soooo late,i do the sme with my voice mail. you all did a great job!!!

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