Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BALCONES BASH...graffiti contest

So last week there was this great event at therecylcing plant that pitted 12 garffiti writers against eachother in a contest, to see who could paint the most awesome train in roughly 3 hours....awesome art, tons of cool people, ATX's best DJ's MC's and B-boys were in the house to show Austin what true hip hop is....and im happy about that.

Anyways--I can go on and on about how cool this event was...but ill let the pics do the talking for now, cuz i have mad design to work on.

Trailer Art by MEZ ONE

The homies b-boying and b-girling respectively.

tools of the trade

ART OUTSIDE TRAILER was sitting pretty

Judges of graffiti

MEZ ONE "RESPECT MOTHER" was my favorite...vibrant colors and sick blends and shadows on the wings...insane. 3 hrs painting

ZEALE keeping the b-boys moving

thought this was a camel...turns out it was a longhorn..either way cool.


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