Thursday, March 4, 2010


So...last week NICE KICKS opened its physical store in AUSTIN...and everyone...everyone..everyone was there.blah blah blah kicks blah blah blah kicks...haha yeah ..well thats what sneakerheads do. Seriously though the buildout was dope and afforded a lot of open space for the crowd of sneakerheads and hip hoppers that were chilling and just chopping game.

Heres some flicks, i didnt get too camera happy because I was pretty busy talking to folk about kicks, hip hop, and such...big ups to Sneaks Up, Heat Seakers, Matt Sonzala, Richard Henry, OG Photographer, Bun B and everyone else keeping the culture relevant.

dope lamp

Austin MC' s representing- Stormshadow, Poise, Brooks, and 20/20..who are BTW having a great event this weekend after the Balcones Bash graffiti contest.
KICK IT with 20/20 and Poise and DJ's Freakin Puerto Rican and Orion will be Saturday night at SCOOT INN.
Download the POISE and 2020 mixtape, "BULLETS" here ..ive had it for a minute..and it is of thiose cd's you let run for a while and such. seriously do yourself a favor and DL it.

the homie Brandon coming out with some Nice Kicks

Folk in line for a good minute to get some exclusives

Signed Jordan's..thats whats up.......most southside folk would literally kill for these

All Star AF-1's scooped by the nephew Shawn

Snazzy yet sofisticated these trainers are.