Thursday, December 2, 2010


ARTOMATIC was a 2 day event and celebration of arts at the Historic Victory Grill during the East Austin Studio Tour (E.A.S.T.) . The event was an art market, concert, and art show.
The event featured laser projection bombing, multimedia,bad ass music, high fives, and a 24 hr paint session.
Special shouts out to our friend Arthur who helped a bunch and had a booth set up with hiss designed tees...sorry we missed it with the photos, next time man.

This was a 24 hr paint session collaboration by Marc Zuazua and Art Vader

This is the same canvas about 24 hrs prior.

DJ TROUBLE came through to wreck the turntables and jam for a brief time with Hour Band. Troubles scratches are pretty sick. Phranchyze and Hour Band also shared stage.

artist Lena Damvar was chalking up the eastside.

Amazing oil paintings by artist Nicole Kallenberg. I love the way her pieces offer dramatic lighting as well as a very textural feel. Simply amazing pieces -check out her site, she offers various print options. Nicole is also available for custom pieces.

Art by Janelle Ciaccio. Janelle's characters are whimsical and fun. Check out her site for more of her work and such, Its in the facebook realm of things for you FB'ers.

Marc Zuazua trudging away on probably like hour 22 or 23 of 24.

This was another 24 hr paint session collaboration done by artists Marc Zuazua and Art Vader the previous weekend at Oxblood Fest in South Austin.

Marc Zuazua and Art Vader

Art by Marc Zuazua. Marc is the lead designer for Mofoz Visualz and co-operated the 5th Gallery. His subjects range from popular hip hop icons to women seemingly made of geometric shapes and curves. Marc's new work is heavily layered and uses everything from spray paint, markers, to glued paper and airbrush.

Art by Monika Mullin. Monika does amazing portrait style paintings using acrylics. The original pieces almost look watercolored at some places, but she masterfully blends watered down tones with sharp and expressive lines and contours to create some vibrant pieces if some of pop and hip hop cultures favorite icons.

Art by Padaric Kolander Padaric's painting and drawings on display were amazing. The figurative lines of characters portrayed juxtapoz the open space and definition of the pieces.

art by Lena Damvar Lena's ink drawings on paper were pretty cool wethinks. Amazing detail and fine line skills are shown in her design heavy work.

Art by Padaric Kolander, these amazing large scale drawings used vibrant spaces of color that force the viewer to look closer at the detailed sketches.

Art by Nicole Kallenberg

Lena chalking it up some more


Artist Nicole Kallenberg and company. Nicole was painting a pretty cool piece onsite of a woman and a guitar, cant wait to see the finished piece.

Art by Art Vader. Art Vader is an artist from Corpus Christi whose art often portrays spaceships, skeletons, musicians, religious themes, and robots. Highly science fiction inspired and beautiful, bold, colors often characterize his pieces.

Custom kicks and gear by Mofoz Visualz and Hour Band.

Amber Keller is an amazing jewelry maker, illustartor, painter....and general maker of cool things. Her sister was in town to help her create all walks of jewelry. The cool thing about Amber's work is that most pieces are made of found objects that she then recycles into funy and fashionable a gambit and rogue pair of earings. Check out her site Lost and Founded-it has a lot of creative wearables.

Art by famed French graffiti writer Andre aka Monsieur A line the entrabc corridor of the Historic Victory Grill. A few Sxsw's ago i think Belvedere vodka brought the artists through for a party, and he painted said walls, and annoyed said staff haha. artists.

Art by Solomon Perry of Phantazm. Solomon was actually in Houston showing and painting at DJ, Rapid Ric's studio grand opening during Art Crawl Houston. We were glad to have a few pieces from him in Austin to showcase, as well as have him share a few of our pieces in Houston for Ric's awesome event.Solomon is an amazing artists that specializes in 3-D illusions.

Art by Phantazm

Art by John Weber. John Weber is a steel sculpture artists that uses recycled stainless steel for his pieces. Most of John's work is kinetic, meaning that it moves, usually with the wind , and with some of his newer projects with the aid of motorized fans. Real cool stuff.

Here are some projections that we had going on throughout the night.

The following are pictures taken from photographer Wendell Ramsey who captured the laser bombing pretty nicely..
Art Vader and Marc Zuazua collaborations
Late night painting
Here are some shots of the laser bombing. As you caan see from the picture below , the laser pointer's canvas is actually set up behind the painting being collaborated. The camera would follow and track the lasers movements on the canvas which was then projected onto buildings. It was fun to see people get so lost in trying to create legible letters using a laser pointer...good times.

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