Wednesday, December 1, 2010


sooooo after Oxblood festival and coming off of a 24 hr paint session at said festival, we traversed with new sales and account associate/ driver to SA/ Hour Bandian/ Art Basel going to Moshe to show some art and apparel at Stitched Up. Stitched Up is a streetwear show/sale/networking parlay/ dj extravaganza/good time put on by our friends in the Alamo city, Sneaks Up.
For years we've had the pleasure of showing at the annual Sneaks Up show which offers shoe collectors, boutiques , artists, streetwear brands, and hip hop heads a place to chop it up while also jamming to some of the best DJ's San Antonio....naw, TX....naw, the world has to offer haha. There was no shortage of beats and mixes during Stitched Up either.

DMC veteran DJ DONNIE DEE, DJ KIKO, DJ AK and more shared the stage and did some pretty awe inspiring scratch sets. Between that we met up with other brands and shops to talk shop..shirts, and other things.

Big ups to SA SNEAKS UP!! San Antonio, you re lucky to have such a great organization to put on quality events and a community that truly comes out to support. Keep up the awesomeness, my friends.

In showing at this show especially it made me think back to when I first started this ride. Mofoz Visualz was a vision for no holds barred culture brand for hip hop heads. I remember jumping into the game with mad nievity but with that mad hustle, because honestly there was NO other way. Its been probably 6 or 7 (maybe longer, whos counting) years since the company Mofoz Visualz was founded. In that time, we have showed everywhere from coffee shops to galleries, from small venues, to the alamodome and even the las vegas hilton convention center....but Stitched Up was maybe our most enjoyable. It's really, really, good to see so many Texas streetwear brands in one place truly representing not only their creative visions, but also truly representing for their communities.

Running an indy clothing company is something is a truly passionate endeavor...and my hats off to all the brands that showed.

Some of our favorite streetwear brands include GRITS, TOO DOPE (TDK) outa Laredo -whatchyouknowaboutthat, Remix Label, Fur Face Boy, Simply Complicated, Purely Rooted, Million Monkey Clothing and everyone that came through. you guys and gals rock.

MOFOZ VISUALZ reppin in that San Antonio

Guests of Stitched up got to see some sample versions of our new logo tees that are printed with discharge dye ink....very cool. These will only be available at shows until Mid-late January, then they will hit the web in all their glory.

Custom kicks, canvases and tees were plenty as were complimentary issues of FRANK books., thanks FRANK 151.

heres a shot of set up before the doors opened sans Moshe and Marc.

Sweet banner Stitched Up had was personalized so that the DJ's were set up right above their

Jordans were also in attendance, come on, this is still Sneaks Up representing.

Grits is a great clothing brand from Houston, TX we had met them prior at the Sneaker Summits in Houston. GRITS uses really awesome illustartions with beautiful linework in a hand-drawn meets digital sorta way...if that makes sense. Anyway, mostly food based and great colorways keep this line at our attention, and these new Junkfood Junkie Tees are insanely awesome. They were also on hand with a great full color zine- thats whats up. Check out their blog for cool posts and inspiring thoughts for creatives, or pretty much anyone for that matter.

Nerdy Fresh also repping, cogreat colorful tees.

Didnt get the name of the artists but these were nice canvases with basketball superstars as playing cards. cool.

Marc and Lewsir pointing things out

Remix Label bringing heat- check their site for a great blog on streetwear and cool stuff from everywhere.

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