Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Metropolitan Museum of Art

So day 3 of NY landed us in museum land. We visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art which graciously displays 5000 years of art..and well we had to check it out. heres what we saw.

The entrance to the museum welcomes you into the ancient Egyptian art and it was pretty overwhelming. We probably spent a good 3-4 hours checking the museum out, but 3 or 4 hours could have easily been spent just checking out all of the awe inspiring Egyptian art. This enormous sphinx was a pleasure to see...

as was the Mickey Mouse ride we ran across in Brooklyn earlier that was clearly inspired by it.

Inside view out from the Met.

This was an ornate ceiling of an aristocrat from somehere or another. Big balling is nothing new.

I believe these pieces were from the medieval times..could be wrong, going to this museum, actually reminded me of how much art history I've forgotten. The cool thing about this book was the embelisshments and writing using gold leaf or something near it.

This gruesome yet awesome rosary caught our eye also, it was carved from ivory and features small sculptures on half skeleton/half human face throughout it. The detail was amazing, yet creepy.

This is definitely the headpiece I'd step out with when going to battle.

Reminded me of Frazetta's Death Dealer. The armor and arms section of the museum was sweeeet.

I loved the attention to detail in the stitching of this.

As we blazed through the museum, seeing probably only about a quarter of what it had to offer, we came across the modern art section on our way out and was pretty pumped to see these pieces.

Amazing painting of a waterfall, by an artist I cant remember...this was a huge canvas with very realistic painted landscapes, but the backstory was that the painter created this for friends of his that died of AIDS, and within this painting are some names and other inscriptions written within the painting that are disguised when you see it from afar, but when up close you can readily read what the artists had in mind. real cool.

Salvador Dali's CRUCIFIXION has always been one of my favorite art pieces , and it was amazing to see in person. I've long been a huge fan of Dali's work, but have always seemed somewhat cheated when seeing his smaller pieces in person, but this large work more than made up for my past thoughts. The detail was insane, and it was surreal...for lack of a better word to see the paint strokes that created this powerful image. The top image is a detailed shot of the painting. the woman in the painting is actually Dali's wife, Gala, who was often seen in various paintings by the artist.

Picasso's "Dying Bull" - This is the period when Pablo was painting multiple angles in one painting for am old school 3D effect of sorts...anyways-it was cool, and I cant wait to go back one day and see the remainder of the museum.

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