Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MOMA NYC day 4

So the next day we hit up MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) and we were welcomed by this woman who was jamming the hell out of her piano all whilst navigating it through the large open space...oh yeah by being inside of it......performance art.

Can't remember this artists name, oh well...I loved the subdued color and theangular lines.

The cool thing about MOMA is that in and of itself is a beautiful work of art, great views from inside of the museum.

Awesome lines in these staircases

-part of athe architecture exhibit which were small scaled models of amazing buildings from all over the world.

This large bridge was made of steel wool.

Lichensteins hand painted dot pattern is amazing ...i can do it in seconds using illustrator though. haha , No for real , not taking anything away from this amazing pop artists, I love the subject matter and postures of the characters.

Starry Night, this is the second time I had seen most of these pieces, as most of them toured through the Art Museum of Houston a few years ago, but yeah..there it is in all its swirly glory.

Rene Magritte...the father of surrealism. This painting used to intrigue me the most probably of any painting in my old art history books, maybe it is because you have to put yourself in a time where most serious painters never painted out of the box or purely from and perhaps for the subconscious. This is an amazing piece to see in person.

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