Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 3: 5xSW Grind Time Freestyle Battles and TX Dubstep Party

Day 3 : 5xSW

So with Thurday night behind us we cranked up the art gallery all day and then got ready for the Grind Time rap battles and the TX Dubstep party later that night. The battles were sick, and Portland hip hoppers The Sand People and Foreign Legion killed some performance. Foreign Legion did the damn thing and are one of the most entertaining performers I saw during the week at SXSW. The following pictures are from during the day and the rap performances...our cameras went elsewhere during the Dubstep party..sorry.
The rap battles were being filmed for Grind Time's website, so we should have an update soon when they post it.

Breakfast Club Crew came into THE FIFTH to say whatsup and promote for their upcoming show
MadGods doing it real big for SXSW -this was the coolest wrap of the week-We also stock the new line of MadGods gear at THE FIFTH
Mr Boombastick came through to holler at us about the going ons and drop off some home made insense

This is some art we had hanging for the VIP Artist lounge

Phranchyze 1 freestyle battle king in TX....dont believe me....wish you would

Illmaculate of Sand People hosting the event
San Antonio's Lawjick battling Phranchyze

Sand People from Portland, OR with a great performance

Oakland, CA's Foreign Legion -these guys wrecked--great, great performing act

Austin from uptown..we somehow ended up there at the end of the night...

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